Hygiene rules

Dear guests, customers and visitors,

Because of the Corona-virus and the applicable measures taken by the government, we have fully adapted our activities accordingly. With these measures we want to guarantee the safety of our guests, our visitors and our employees.

Precautionary actions
– The following (disinfection) products are in use in the hotel:
– Disinfection in public areas such as the restaurant, reception lift landing;
– Disinfection bottle and tissue box on the chair table in all meeting rooms;
– An infrared or ear thermometer with caps is available at the reception to measure the temperature when in doubt about an increase.
– Additional measures regarding cleaning are taken:
– Door handles are regularly disinfected by housekeeping;
– Additional rounds of cleaning are performed in public toilets and the buffet;
– As always, conference tables and restaurant tables at the end of the meeting, breakfast, lunch or dinner our well cleaned with a disinfectant spray and paper cloth.

Personal hygiene of our employees
Introducing and (checking for) compliance with preventive measures is our entrepreneurial responsibility. In the event of colds, fever and / or respiratory complaints or return form a risk area (China, Italy, Iran and South Korea) employees are requested to report this immediately to their director to contact the GP and to stay at home.

The following personal hygiene measures always apply to all employees at the hotel
– Wash hands regularly and carefully with soap (at least 10 seconds under the tap);
– Disinfect hands after washing with disinfectant;
– Touch the face as little as possible;
– Coughing and / or sneezing inside the elbow with the head down (not in the hands);
– If you have a cold, use a paper handkerchief and throw it away in a closed trash can, then wash your hands;
– Avoid physical contact with guests, customers and colleagues;
– Keep the nails trimmed when working in the ministry of kitchen;
– Put on clean clothes every day.

If you have any questions, we will always be there to answer them.