Hygiene rules

Dear guest,

The Coronavirus affects us all. That is why you will find information about how we apply additional hygiene rules. In doing so, we are based on government guidelines and have our own additions that we consider important.

Before your arrival, each bungalow is completely cleaned with a disinfectant. After cleaning, the bungalows are closed.

A cleaning agent with an extra disinfectant is also used on the outside. All outside handles are also disinfected daily. A bucket with a disinfectant is outside the front door to be used by everyone if desired. The disinfection cloth on the door handle is also changed every morning. When using a bungalow, you therefore enter a disinfected environment.

Also: Your bed linen is changed weekly. This clean bedding is washed with a normal detergent, after which it is rinsed with a sterilizing Dettol solution.

In the Farm-house, 4 double rooms are open.
In the adjacent outbuilding, 4 rooms (1p. And 4p.) Are currently also open.
The rooms have their own toilet room with entrance in the room, these are disinfected and closed. All outside handles in this building are permanently disinfected and protected.

Preventive measures for our guests

The following (disinfection) agents are available to you on location:

  • Disinfectant
  • Disinfection bottle and tissues
  • Gloves
  • If necessary, mouth masks
  • An infrared thermometer is available at the reception, to be able to measure any increase in temperature in case of doubt

Additional measures are taken for cleaning:

  • Outside handles are disinfected daily
  • The toilet in your room is of course only available to you and is cleaned daily with disinfectant;
  • Your bedding has been treated with a disinfectant rinse aid “Dettol”.

Food Safety

  • When preparing breakfast, latex gloves and a mouth mask are always worn;
  • Your breakfast will be arranged on a pre-designated table in the breakfast room, recognizable by the card with the room number;
  • The tables are placed at the prescribed distance

To provide our guests with information and tips about preventive measures, we communicate the following on location:

  • Despite using your private toilet, we ask you to open the door with a tissue, cloth or paper to avoid physical contact with the door. This is in your room.
  • About hand washing: you will find enough soap on the sink in your room.