4- and 6-person bungalows

 The Pingo- houses

There are eight Pingo- houses in total around the pingo. They have a spacious living room- kitchen and two or three bedrooms fit for 4 to 6 people. A bungalow that can accommodate 6 people has a kitchen in the living room and three bedrooms. In all houses the kitchens are completely furnished and the living room is equipped with hifi sets, satellite tv and WiFi. In terms of agreement your dog is also welcome.

Bath or Shower

The houses that can accommodate 4 to 5 people have 2 bedrooms upstairs and for 1 or 2 extra guests there is a sofa bed in the living room. In the bungalows that can accommodate 4 to 5 people you will find a bathroom with lavatory and a tub. In the bungalows that can accommodate 6 people there are 3 bedrooms, a shower and a private lavatory.


On the grounds is a service with a washing machine and a dryer. In the Summer there are sufficient clotheslines to save energy and enjoy the wind force and sun that will dry your laundry delightfully fresh.

The Plaza

The plaza is a place for social gathering. People who are longing for peace of life are often good in contacting other people. This is possible at the plaza. There are services that stimulate contact. Especially for children, so the parents can exchange thoughts while having a nice cup of coffee and experience many happy hours with a barbecue.


Because you are staying in a peace- and quiet area, your behaviour is of great importance. You will probably appreciate a place where you can enjoy your rest. So do our other guests. This means that one does not like to be disturbed by extreme noise. We have a ‘quiet-rule’ which start at 10 p.m., unless everyone agrees the ‘curfew’ should be extended (for that day). To conclude, our grounds mostly targets reflection, peace and quiet, relaxation, and respect for each other and for nature.


Sometimes we just want a getaway and spend the holidays far from the busy lifes we lead. Our bungalows are available from €400. per week. After your stay, our cleaning service will make your house spic and span again for €50. The energy you’ve used will be calculated at cost through the consumption which is measured per bungalow.

A home away from home

Some of our bungalows are available for recreational renting for the long term. Our guests shared their idea that they would like to have a bungalow in nature at their disposal next to their own home. The freedom to have such an ‘own space’ where one can totally relax is the main point. Would you like to have such a bungalow at your disposal for you and others (e.g. family and friends), please contact Marianne: +31 511 445 099.