Lovely peace and quiet in a ‘quality time for yourself’ bungalow


With your own terrace by the water and only four bungalows all together you are assured of your peace and relaxation. These bungalows can accommodate 4-6 guests and are provided with all amenities. Free tv and sound equipment and a complete interior design. Your internet activities are provided via free WiFi. Prefer to be offline? Feel free to ask for the available (board) games, puzzles or choose a book from the private library! What makes these ‘green’ bungalows so special is that the bungalow itself and the entire furnishing and interior consist of recycled materials. This fits in the philosophy that the beauty of things lies in all its simplicity. We also welcome your pet to our facility, provided that we are able to make good arrangements.


The bungalows are completely isolated so they can also be used in Winter. You will consciously use your own energy because the heating (gas), electricity and water per bungalow is registered after usage. It is in your hands how much you want to use.

Our guests

BungalowsIn general our guests appreciate peace and quiet and do not want to be disturbed by noisy neighbours or music that is too loud. It is our policy that we pay attention to this and the agreements on this are clear and plain.

Central plaza

There is a pool for the children at the central plaza, a sandbox for very small infants, a large and some small barbecues. Snug corners, a terrace, a ping-pong table and a box of children’s toys are available as well. It is a meeting place for parents with small children where they can sociably get to know each other, while the fathers are usually in control of the barbecues. A social meeting point where many friendships have come into existence. It is a place where you will find your peers which makes it easy to get in touch.

Early birds

BungalowsFor the early birds there is silent nature with its own ‘early morning’ atmosphere. When the mist over the fields releases its mysterious radiation and nature slowly awakens in the morning glory. The first early fisherman prepares his fishing-rod and the first birds are making their sounds. The day begins….

Winter beauty

BungalowsIn the other time of the year, especially when the snow has fallen and Jack Frost leaves his marks, nature fascinates again. The untouched snow with traces of deer, foxes, hares and pheasants makes you want to leave your own footprint there. And when it has been freezing for a while, the pingo will quickly be ready to skate on and you will have a skating rink at your doorstep.


This region is an oasis of peace and full of adventure. At a relatively short distance and without traffic jams (!) it is easy to go on a nice excursion.

World Cultural Heritage the Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea, admitted into the World Cultural Heritage and the carless island Schiermonnikoog lie at a short distance and can be reached by ferry. The very interesting bird areas have returned to our feathered friends. There is a network of cycle paths with information in our region. In short, in this part of Friesland there is no mass tourism but there are multiple small-scale activities with even a ‘play park’ for small children nearby, which we call ‘Sanjesfertier’.


Meadow birds

Large pieces of land have been equipped for water and meadow birds again. With the national park the Lauwers lake and the Rohelster polder in the surroundings, there are plenty of observation points, accesible through an extended network of cycle paths which are indicated by signs.