In the Farm-house you will find rooms with a private shower and lavatory. The rooms are climate operated, which means always cool in the Summer. In the Winter they are obviously heated. Provided with satellite TV.
€ 73,- per double room / p.n.

Family rooms

Our family room is very attractive. There is a bed for the parents + a bunk bed for 2 children. These rooms are situated directly next to the lounge, so the parents as well as the children can be in touch with each other in the, for the children, foreign surroundings. There is a shower and a lavatory outside the room. All rooms have satellite TV.
€ 125,- per 4p room / p.n.

Your internet activities are provided via free WiFi. Prefer to be offline? Feel free to ask for the available (board) games, puzzles or choose a book from the private library!


These extra rooms for 1, 4 and 6 persons are situated at the auxiliary branch. These rooms have their own terrace at the pond. Guests can make use of all the facilities of the Farm-house.
4 p. € 125,-
We also offer free wifi in the annex.

The breakfast buffet

In the morning you will find an extensive selfservice breakfast buffet in the lounge. This offers you the opportunity to have breakfast whenever you want. If you want to rise with the early birds, it will be ready for you. It is also possible to sleep in, it is all up to you. Everything will be ready, just make yourself at home. Unless arranged otherwise the buffet will close at 10.00 am.