Pingo, forrest and terraces

Pingo – Nature in your garden…


On the grounds of the Farm-house lies a little lake, a so-called Pingo.

What is a pingo?

A pingo was once formed a long time ago during the ice age. Icebergs were melting because of nature force deep underground and formed funnel shaped wholes, which subsequently filled up with water after a centuries-long melting process. The special thing about this is that a closing loam-layer was formed which made sure that the water stayed in there and could not run away.
We can find some of these unique ruins of nature in the surroundings. One of them lies on our grounds. On Wikipedia you can read more about Pingos.


Like the name says, the bungalows which surround the pingo are for hire. It is an oasis of peace. In and around the water lives a colourful collection of animals and plants. Nature in your garden. A unique place to fish, enjoy peace and admit nature.


Forrest garden

Beside this the grounds offer you numerous ways to withdraw. There are seats and terraces everywhere. In our constructed forest garden grows whatever will grow and new discoveries can be done regularly. The rest of the gardens are being sown with the seeds of wild flowers, so that a colourful riot of flowers will beam at you.


PingoPingoPheasants, weasels, a fox or a deer. Every year we discover that the fauna increases, as soon as we offer nature the opportunity to follow its own pathway.


PingoPingoEvery year we sow various flower seeds in order to give space to the flora as well. A fairytale of colour and scent surrounds the buildings.