Our arrangements – Readymade ideas for you

ArrangementsIn the Frisian Woodland, our National Landscape, we offer you agreeable, inexpensive arrangements in the wild and peace of this region, especially composed for your convenience. These arrangements have been composed from the knowledge we have of this region.

Who doesn’t know the feeling: “If I have to leave again, I know just about what I would have done and seen”.

ArrangementsExcursion arrangements

These surroundings offer you countless possibilities for pleasant trips. There is an extensive network of cycle- and footpaths with information so you’ll know exactly where you are and what you have done. Besides, don’t forget that the Wadden Sea has been admitted into the list of the World Cultural Heritage.

Birdlovers can get a guided tour in the national parks Lauwer lake and the ‘Houtwiel’. You can also set off with your binoculars towards the recently equipped national bird park, the Rohelster polder, at a 2 km distance.

ArrangementsAnd what about fishing for trout in the surroundings or regular fishing with your (borrowed) fishing-rod near your own bungalow in the garden in the Pingo?

For a week from Saturday to Saturday, arrival from 16.00, leave till 10.00:

Bungalow per week € 600
Cleaning: € 50 
Deposit: € 100
The use of gas, water and electricity will be registered at your own energy meter and deducted with your deposit. The remainder will be repaid on your account.