Friesland on the ‘Best in Europe’ list of Lonely Planet

Wonderful news for Friesland: Lonely Planet has voted the province number three of the ten ‘Best in Europe’ spots of 2018.

That’s what the world’s leading travel guide has announced today. What makes the election even more special is that a Dutch destination never ended so high on this famous list. The Frisian province can therefore be very proud. Therefore a visit to us is wonderful!

It is worth looking at the video below…

LEEUWARDEN ‘ Cultural Capital of Europe 2018′

Enjoy the many worldwide famous events.

Discover and enjoy in Fryslân: ’t Farm-house

                            Het Farm-house          the B&B lounge       a  bungalow          the ‘ballenbak’

per night € 73.-
Double room
Privat shower and toilet
Including breakfastbuffet
Climate control
Wifi and Internet

Ask also for the other possibilities.
Rooms: from 1 p. room up to a 6 p. room (family room) Ask for the favorable rates.
Up to about 50 p. in groups in the special groupsproperty.

Mariane, your hostess


       Our Smeagle the beagle.

We also like to welcome your pet in the bungalows, provided that we are able to make good arrangements…


Peace and space, the pureness of nature at our ice age lake…
Playing in the pingo is nice too…
Build a raft with dad and mum…
Discover a modern residence in a unique national reserve!

For a quick impression, watch the video below!

Next to the B&B is a bungalow, accommodating 6  guests a beautiful alternative.
For a weekend, a midweek, a week or longer, even as your second house.


In order to please you completely there are delightful and reasonably priced arrangements. To cycle, fish or walk, for bird watchers or simply doing nothing, completely in peace. Have a look at the pages concerned and prepare to be surprised.

One of the reviews we’ve received: The Farm-house B and B is such a gorgeous and quiet location in Friesland. We had a delightful 2 days staying in this place. The room was very clean and well presented. Staff were helpfull and kind. The garden and grounds are fabulous… Well done!
Carolyn R.



Farm-houseOur saltroom for Halotherapy is available for people with skin- and/or respiratory problems, e.g. asthma, COPD, psoriasis, hayfever and many other related problems.
The beneficial effect of salt is aparent in many regions of the world, for example in saltmines.
Our saltroom is built to copy that natural climate and works the same.

For more information (in Dutch): www.zoutkamertwijzelerheide.nl

For a good night’s sleep in the B&B
You came to the right place.

Farm-houseYour room has a private shower and lavatory.
Comforters are light and pleasantly warm.
Climate control means cool bedrooms in the summer. Very favourable roomprices.
Breakfast is included in the price and is liberally and well-cared for.

Mail us soon, to prefend that we are fully booked.

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What makes the “Farm-house” so special?